Thursday, September 14, 2006

Will talk for water! I love that!!!

Rough Week

So this morning the doctor said that both boys are fine, no need after all to take A to the emergency room for stitches (because there is a risk of infection if done more than 12 hours after the injury) on his chin, to heal the deep gash he sustained falling down in the shower (apparently it is not safe for young children to climb up the shower wall). And B does not seem to have suffered any internal damage from the school bus accident on Tuesday morning. Yeah, B's bus driver was rearended on the 280 by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel. CHP detained the bus for about an hour while he examined everything and did his rpt. Noone bothers to notify parents at this time, or anyone with any idea on how to deal with a bus load of very special children on their way to PV. I can only imagine that hour. And then get this: At 3:20 that afternoon, I get a call from a spec ed administrator who asks me to pick B up at school bc the afternoon busdriver refused to take him home because he was missing the buckle guard he usually uses to prevent him from unbuckling himself and walking around the bus. Well apparently in the hoohaa of the bus accident, the am driver lost the little plastic gadget.

I better stop here - writing it increases rather than decreases my stress as I relive how frustrating the whole thing is.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Not to be outdone by his older brother, B is determined to make his own water related milestones. In order to get his own access to that precious liquid, he scrunched up his lips in the exaggerated "w" shape we all make when we want B to imitate a sound, and forced out a whaaa sound. Here you go, buddy, a brand new water bottle for you!


Not surprisingly, the answer to A's first independent response to a WH question was agua. The question, of course, was "What do you want?" I'm particularly proud of him because it was clearly not even a scripted answered, since no-one has been teaching him to answer questions asked in English with Spanish answers.