Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I just made reservations for our upcoming RV trip. We are leaving this Saturday, heading south to the beach for 5 days. Now its time to start making my lists of what to pack, what to buy, what to cook and freeze to bring with us, etc etc.... I hope the nights are not tooo cold in the rv. Other than that, it'll be a blast.

Friday, December 15, 2006

present moment

in this moment, I am so grateful for you. For your existence. for your support. thank you. read the purple goddess entryn on squid's blog about the movie about secrets. stay focussed. stay present. stay happy. you can do it. you can. really. iloveyou. really i do.

be strong. be real. stay focussed. believe




Sunday, December 10, 2006

tricky balance

Walking that fine line between being totally overwhelmed and understanding that I'm doing the best I can in this moment with these circumstances. I keep tilting back into overwhelmed as I can't quite disregard my self-expectation to be the best at what I try to do.

Friday, December 08, 2006

4 visits to Kaiser in 1 week

Started with B on Monday, to get a blood draw (poor little guy) and hand xray, order by his ped bec. we are concerned, get this, abt his new patch of pubic hair. At 7, it's a bit young. Doc agreed, hence the lab tests. We saw the endocrinologist today, who says probably nothing major to worry about, but he may wind up with an early growth spurt and then stop growing before his peers, and wind up being pretty short. Not surprising since neither his papa nor I pass the 5-4 mark. And a tendency towards diabetes. Again, not surprising, since his papa is prediabetic and his paternal grandfather had diabetes too. But really, I could have done without the additional worry.
Yesterday A had his extra (aka shark) tooth removed, which required IV sedation. While he was under, they took xrays, did a bunch of fillings and sealed everything sealable. It was his first time under anesthesia, so I was quite worried (even though B has been under 3 x already).
And just to really make it a fun week, on Wed I get a call from the school nurse (what, they actually exist?!?) who says that A's teacher called her bec she was concerned that A had 3 (count em, 3) pee accidents at school. Could be a uti or high blood sugar she says (in a VM msg of course). So I get him in to his Ped. (who is really just the sweetest guy) who runs a quick urine test, rules out anything abnormal, and suggests it is a behavior. (conclusion which was reinforced today when I checked on him in the shower and found he had pulled his underpants out of the laundry basket, and was wearing them, soaking wet, in the shower. I guess there must be something sensory-pleasing about wearing wet underwear.... oh no)

Monday, December 04, 2006


I am what I am. Isnt that what Popeye said? Real heartfelt acceptance of who one is, and who others are. That seems like one of the lessons that I need to learn.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

spinning planets

I always wind up overwhelmed at the end of conferences on autism. So much information, so much more to be done, all the time, every day. So many skills required that stretch me to my limits. But lots and lots of good information. My favorite part (I guess I'm watching too much Dora) were the presentations by Jerry and Mary Newport, two adults (married) with aspergers who are so incredibly articulate and insightful. They've written several books, and their movie has recently been released Mozart and the Whale. The best line of the weekend was when Jerry said something like If the Creator weren't at least a little bit autistic, then why did he make all the planets spin?!? The handouts should be posted shortly at www.autism-conferences.com