Friday, November 28, 2008

Giving Thanks

for the many blessings in my life
family and friends
my home, good food, all the creature comforts we need
all the essentials, really
and enough challenges to appreciate our blessings more

Friday, November 21, 2008

Getting a head start on New Years Resolutions

* Simplify my life.
* Stop judging people. Accept people for who they are. Choose wisely who I spend time with, but without any malice or prejudgement.
*Learn to let things go.
* Make time to meditate.
* Work on my project.
* Don't yell at my children. Ever. For any reason except imminent danger.
* Be mindful.
* Be grateful.

Update: I'm not doing so great with the "don't yell at the kids" part. Well, I guess it depends on how imminent danger is defined. And the beauty of it is, these behaviors are all self-reinforcing. And the contrary holds true, too, that not doing these things is aversive, as they cause remorse and all sorts of bad feelings. The key, I believe, is in the last resolution.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I want to simplify my life. Eliminate all that is superfluous. Pare down to focus on what really matters. Connect more to nature. Not have so many things to worry about. Free myself of financial worries. More mental and physical energy, fewer stressors, more peace.


I bought two pounds of raw unsalted nuts at the big box store because..... because they were there. A. just popped one in his mouth. Totally worth the purchase price, even if the other 17,000 nuts go to waste.

when advanced planning backfires

So I thought I was way ahead of the game, buying some holiday presents well in advance, as I found small treasures that would be appreciated by loved ones. Alas, B's scissor skills are more advanced than my planning, as he neatly cuts apart each package to liberate all round items and roll them across the floor.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


80 degree beach weather in november, good friends, champagne, cheese and chocolate, amazing views, interesting conversation, and oh did i mention, NO CHILDREN.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pressure is on

By sneakily linking to my not-updated-since-July blog in her oh-so-popular-and-highly-read blog, my dear friend Squid ( and one day I will learn to make real links in my blog) has provided me with just the "motivation" (read: embarrassment) to actually write something. Plus this way I can procrastinate from proofreading, which I'm really not that good at. I found that learning a second language did serious damage to my first language abilities, or at least that is my excuse.

But I've been thinking all day about blogging, mostly because I want to tell you all about this great Farm/Park in SJ that we found today. B went several weeks ago with his class, and his teacher said he had a great time, so today we all went to Emma Prusch Farm Park where we got to see chickens (running around the parking lot), pigs, sheep, goats and rare international fruit trees. Plus a nice play structure, in a mostly enclosed area with a few hidden (yet open) gates -- bolters beware! Picnic tables, bbq pits, huge grassy area, and best of all, FREE.

But now I must run and see exactly what B is doing with the hundred small squishy plastic balls that he has liberated from the large party-favor ball with his safety scissors.

It's nice to be back...