Wednesday, June 08, 2005

assessment soundbites

diagnosis of autism and mental retardation
moderate, communication deficits are more severe
focus on functional skills
self-help skills for daily living
sorting silverware, putting away laundry, setting the table
mental equivalent of a 23 month old
will never catch up to his peers

they're not even talking about cutting with fiscars
or coloring in a picture
or recognizing his name in print

By not accepting this bleak assessment of my son's current and future abilities
Am I being in denial
Or is the ongoing search for a cure my responsibility and obligation as his mama?
Why was I blessed with this double challenge if not to do everything humanly possible to help my children and other children who have been poisoned, possibly genetically altered, by the toxic environment in which we breathe, grow our food, conceive our babies, contaminate our vaccines, and allow our government to continue to hide the facts?


amiga said...

Please feel my tears and my hugs...

Captain Blog said...

I thought about this entry for a long time, and more I thought about it more outraged I got.
I got angry with the insistence of define normalicy, and placing people in tiny pigeon's holes where we neatly categorize them.
fuck this.
they are completely missing the point, how can you measure somebody's soul, as if it was a lab experiment? aren't they completely missing the point?
and what is this bullshit about normalicy? I have never been normal, never completely fit in, AND have been ok.

I know that there is more that meets the eye. It is just us, the "normal" that are missing it.
I have been reading the latest Temple Grandin's book that talks about autism and animals. At one point she says that animals have much more intellectual capacity that anyone has really given them credit for. She things that every animal has amazing talents. we are just not able to recognize them, because we are not able to see them. Our limited brain, is able to notice only a limited amount of cues, making us miss a bunch of other stuff.
Just because we don't see, understand them, doesn't mean that are not there.