Monday, November 13, 2006

Why do they call it "Blue Ribbon"?

So, I've got the Superintendent's ear. She and her 3 top dogs met with one other parent and me this morning regarding our concerns about the County's lack of appropriate programs for children with autism. I'm embarrassed to say that I think we walked away from the hour long meeting with me feeling more empathy for her situation then her for mine. I guess that's a sign of a good politician (or a bad advocate). Too many kids, not enough funding, union/employee rights, our hands are tied, etc. etc etc. Hopefully the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Autism (which I also have the honor of participating in) will come up with all the answers. Or maybe we'll all just talk our heads off for 4 more meetings until the mandate is up, without producing any real results. Pardon my cynisism (esp since I can't come close to spelling it correctly). As usual, it is much easier to be on the outside protesting in, then on the inside actually coming up with viable solutions. Let me know if you have any good ideas.

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