Monday, July 16, 2007

B on Bike

B has just about mastered riding a 2 wheeler. I'm so proud of him. T took one side of the training wheels off, and B did just fine. He gains speed and keeps his balance. Pays attention to where he's going. And so motivated! Put his helmet on at 7:30am, and his shoes.
Me: What do you want, B?
B: Bah.
Me: Bike?
B: Bah!
Me: Ok, take off your pajamas and put on some pants, and we'll go outside and ride bikes.
Within the blink of an eye, he was dressed and ready to go! Sped down three blocks to the end of our street, and then we turned around and came home, me panting, trying to keep up with him.

I think I need to buy a bicycle for myself, because I surely can't run fast enough.


amiga said...

Way ahead of my guy.I am so proud!!!

Captain Blog said...

that's great!! wow Moon doesn't even dare to go on a bike!
I am so curious to see what happens with skates. let's make a date.

jennyalice said...

Jake has an adapted tricycle at school that he is too lazy to pedal. Way to go dewd!