Friday, October 19, 2007

Cousins and Cars

I don't have much family out here, so it was unusual to get a visit from my mom's cousins last night, who were on the peninsula for a friend's granddaughter's bat mitzvah. I grew up with their kids, we went to school together, the older ones babysat for us when we were little, and we spent summers swimming in their pool (which they say now holds 400 goldfish - the oldest are 10 years old and a foot long). The first thing they said when they walked in and met my boys for the first time was that Grandma says hello. A picked right up on the reference to Grandma, and intuitively understood that these folks were somehow connected to his beloved grandma (the general family resemblence and old-folks-from-Florida air helped). At different points in the evening, both A and B snuggled in between my cousins on the couch, and A even had a short interaction with cousin M about cars, which they both admire.
Cousin M: Do you like cars?
A: Cars.
Cousin M: You like to play with cars?
A: smile
Cousin M: Where are your cars? In your room? Go get them!
A: looks at me. I affirm that he should go to the front room and get his cars. He goes, brings back his favorite car, sits back down next to Cousin M, plays with his car, and shows it to him.
Really nice.


Mary said...

wow, this does sound "really nice." actually, it sounds like a full-out success.



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