Friday, December 28, 2007

Just what we needed

Who knew? An older brother is the greatest thing since sliced gluten free bread! He catches up with B when he bolts, puts his arm over A's shoulder so he doesn't lag behind, cleans up after himself, and gets us up to date on the latest technology. It's the greatest!

We went bowling today. We all really suck, but we had a great time. B only bolted down the alley once.

Yesterday we rode the commuter train. Pretty exciting! To the shopping center and back. Lunch at the burger joint. A and B remarkabley well behaved!


Liz Ditz said...

Teenaged boys, given the opportunity, show the men they will become.

I'm just reveling in the fatherliness my (former) teenaged stepson is showing.

Happy for you that the season is unfolding well.

amiga said...

I love the updates

Mary said...

well, if anyone deserved a Christmas miracle, you did. I am trying to think where i could dig up a teenage relative...