Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I'm a little worried about A. He is really slow and spacey and stimmy. And stressed out. And we are stressing him out more when we try to get him to hurry up. It's getting harder now that school has started up again, and he can no longer spend 2 hours eating breakfast. I'm not sure what to do. Any suggestions?


amiga said...

Random thoughts: Are there any changes you've made in the biomed piece in the last month? How is he sleeping? What are the stimmy things you are noting? Does ABA team have any ideas for reinforcing eating at an appropriate rate?

Mary said...

yeah, i'm with amiga.

any changes in supplements in the last month? any changes in diet over the holidays? suddenly getting more gluten/soy/dairy?

and, is he getting enough sleep?

s gets this way when her system is overloaded with toxins, as she chelates. at least the symptoms sound similar - spacey and stimmy... and slower.

also, changed anything like bath soap? shampoo? bubble bath?


doubletrouble said...

Thanks. We ran out of cod liver oil. Maybe that's it. Just bought a new bottle tonight. Also starting to see improvements today, so I'll probably never know for sure.