Thursday, April 17, 2008

Here's what I've learned this past month:
* bones break
* I'm not good at planning events
* I get stressed out when I have too much going on
* Sometimes, usually, talking about stuff doesn't make me feel better.
* I have really amazing friends
* I need to organize my time, things, energy, activities, etc. better
* My memory sucks


Mary said...

you HAVE had an exceptionally hi-ranking stress month...

and i know what you mean about the "talking about it often/usually doesn't help." and yet i still like to do it sometimes... why? because it gives me clarity on what i'm stressed about? where's the stress relief?

oh yeah, that's on drinking nights with the Hot Mama's. :)


Sage said...

I have felt your heaviness lately. I feel I have not been there for you enough. If talking about it doesn't make you feel better, we can just hang out.

jennyalice said...

well I suppose you should hang out with me all the time..since it's hard to get a word in.. you won't need to talk at all :)

I'm sorry you have a pile of sucky suckerson. Let me know if I can help you shovel. love to you