Thursday, August 11, 2005

Buddhism and Autism

I was reading about this really interesting connection between Buddhism and autism. I reflect on how mindful B is, how deliberate, how he really focusses on one thing at a time. How he is able to disconnect from the mundane in this world, and concentrate his attention, on a leaf, on a string, on the shadows, on the telephone wires... Perhaps he is not stimming, maybe he is deep in meditation. Maybe he is an enlightened one. Blessing us with his presence here on earth, teaching us deep and profound lessons, to live in the moment. Appreciate what is there. Clear our minds of extraneous thoughts.


Serene16 said...

I completely agree! I have been studying Buddhism for the past year and have been seen many similarities to the way my son (who is on the spectrum) views the world. Thanks for your blog. I'm glad to know I'm not the only person who feels this way.

Unknown said...

they are devas (gods)reincarnated as human beings they are trapped in human bodies for a twofold purpose. They reached a level of enlightenment which puts them above us in certain fetters and levels of awareness. But devas can still be prideful. So there next life as humans they learn humility and patients ( or are meant to) with humans whom dont understand the spiritual realm. This is why communication is difficult for autistics. They communicate through a spiritual/emotional means which transcends words. Not all devas reincarnate as humans. It is a matter of what they have chosen to learned what they have chosen to give up or not give up and what lessons they are still meant to learn. The second part is that it gives the unenlightened access to the first inklings of this realm for them to also be humble and submit to this world and recognize that there is more to learn. A god becomes man to to both learn and teach so that a man can learn to become god. The goal is to realize both these lives of knowing and unknowing are equal in respect to they are both not permanent that knowing is no better than unknowing, that they are perspective that even being a powerful god is an act of being and this must be let go so that he may transcend existance the idea there of and the idea of non existence as well.