Sunday, April 02, 2006


I went out to breakfast with my oldest son today. Just the two of us. We sat at the counter at Dennys. We were both extremely well behaved. He ate a plate of french fries and a glass of orange juice. (I won't tell you what I ate!) I am SOOOOO proud of him!!! It was truly a pleasure to be out with him, spending the morning together. The highlight was getting to watch an entire tray of beverages overturn as a two servers collided right in front of us (no-one was hurt, just a huge mess involving LOTS of liquid -- A. showed great restraint by returning to his seat with just one prompt). B. has been much more difficult the last few days -- terribly whiney. He's probably just experimenting with his newfound voice, and I shouldn't complain about that at all, but 24/7 whining? A bit hard to handle.

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