Sunday, August 26, 2007

As I'm sitting here trying to figure why I am feeling sorry for myself, I realize that I was triggered by my adorable 5 year old neighbor, who I saw earlier this evening as she was getting in the car with her mama to go by crayons and I was schlepping groceries in from my car. "Tomorrow I'm starting kindergarten!" she gleefully told me. So i realized I am suffering from the what-I'm-missing-out-on blues. That was supposed to be me with the cute-as-a-button first-day-of-kindergarten little girl getting ready for Spanish Immersion School and already probably the most bilingual person (adults included) in the entire school.

I love my boys dearly. I really really do. I'm thrilled that BOTH A and B approximated the word school bus as we had our bedtime chat about going back to school tomorrow. I know that they understand that they'll go back to school on the school bus tomorrow, and that is AMAZING. But it's not italy.


Mary said...

yeah, Holland sucks.

Those glimpses of the precocious little girls chatting away with their anxiously hovering parents... those are the worst for me.

oops. guess i forgot the "cheer her up" line in my comments. wait, wait, here one comes... no, it got away.

what about - let's do a Hot Mama dinner out sometime soon? so we can commiserate together how we all survived this week?


jennyalice said...

I hear ya girlfriend... I can't even go to Target during the Back to school rush..all of those little kids picking out their own stuff... xoxox