Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Good Day

Yesterday evening I had the most beautiful conversation with my oldest son.
Me: "How was your first day at school? Did you have a good day?"
A: "Good Day."

Ok, I know it is echolalia, and I set him up, but still, he doesn't repeat things that he doesn't understand or doesn't want to say. So I really think he was telling me he had a good day!

And B's teacher said that all things considered B had a good day too. Only problem was escaping. He is way too fast for them. Today she told me that he stole an oreo cookie from another little girl at recess. I love the fact that she is honest with me and reports these things!!!!

I think we're going to have a good year.


Captain Blog said...

That's not setting him up, it is just suggesting some possible language choices! I do the same with my kids! and I can tell when somebody is just repeating it because if I suspect echolalia I say also something else, and see if the boy keeps repeating....
go A, go!!! :-)
such a sweet boy

jennyalice said...

Yay..for A! I'll take echolalia over silence any day. Today Jake said "many" at school... clearly he thinks there are too many kids in his class too!