Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Good Boy

Every morning when I put B on the school bus, I tell him he has to be a good boy, then ask him if he will be a good boy, then wait for him to echo back "good boy" so I know he is paying attention. Seems like the concept is not quite sinking in though.

B has been having some "issues" with the school bus. The problem started on the day that the classroom staff put someone else's jacket on him on a 90 degree afternoon and sent him home on the bus for a 90 minute ride. Poor guy was overheated and not happy. Ever since then, he has been figuring out how to wriggle out of his buckle guard (and through the guard out the bus window) and wriggle out of the harness (this kid is more agile than Houdini!!!) and walk around the schoolbus as the driver is trying to concentrate on Freeway traffic.


squid said...

Oh my. Is this our future too? I now understand your guarded attitude towards the bus system. Fingers crossed for your guys, too.

Mary said...

what "guarded" attitude? hey, your positive comments were what got me to try my daughter on the bus! hey!


jennyalice said...

oh dear.. Jake's harness velcros in the back with very hard to undo velcro in two bands...maybe a different harness? We had one in the past that had a zipper up the back. We have had that heat thing happen too..especially when Jake went to school in a different micro-climate (foggy there and hot as hell here). xoxox