Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sleep Away Camp

I signed up BOTH my boys for 2 sessions of weekend sleepaway camp, in December and March. Such a big step! I think it will be really good for them, and I KNOW it will be really good for me. I talked to another parent there who also has 8 year twin boys with significant disabilities, who was incredulous that T and I have only had 2 nights (not even consecutive) EVER alone together without the boys since they were born. He's been sending his kids to sleepaway camp since they were 5. I'm really hopeful that it will help them increase their independence skills, and just open them up to a new experience. Many thanks to jennyalice and Mama B who supported me in making this big decision!


jennyalice said...

I am so so so proud of you. And so happy for you and for the boys. I think it will be so great for everyone. Yay! All of our boys are going to camp!

amiga said...

Oh Great!!

squid said...

Wow. Fantastic. Yay, you!

Mary said...

this is a REAL BIG DEAL. so glad for you... and the boys.

your impressed friend,