Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Summer Reading

I need a good book to read. Something I can use to escape, take a vacation from life for a stolen hour. Nothing disturbing, nothing scary. Fantasy = good. What do you suggest?


squid said...

You are probably gone now, BUT when you come back and bring your kids swimming, I have bookshelves lining the walls of every room in the house -- except the three you spent time in last night.

We are big readers. Come over and I will load your arms up with books and books.

If you need to get something at the airport, I found both The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay (Chabon), and Middlesex (Eugenides) cheerful, witty, engaging, and intelligent. I have lost all patience with the stereotypical slant on Important Literature: Namely, It Cannot Exist Without Depressive Introspection Mixed With Tragedy.

doubletrouble said...

Thanks Squid. I loved Middlesex, and I'll certainly take you up on (both of) your offer(s) when we get back!