Saturday, June 07, 2008

"Your son is so calm and well behaved" Yup, that's what a fellow passenger said to me yesterday, on the airplane, when I was with B. Thanks for sending all your positive vibes our way - it definately worked. Both boys were great on the entire trip, from the moment we picked them up at school at 11am, until we pulled into my parents garage at 1:45am. In other words, a VERY long trip!!! But I really couldn't have asked for better behavior.

Today, we spent the day at my folks' screened in pool. My mom lined up swimming lessons, starting tomorrow. A is definately ready - he is trying by himself, and not afraid of going under. B prefers the coziness of the hot tub, where he is choosing to spend most of his time. Me, I'm in the shading sipping cosmos....


Sage said...

Oh, how very cool that someone said taht to you! Good job boys! I love it when we get a break. I was thrilled to hear about swim lessons. Good job Grandma for lining up!

Mary said...

wow, great news on how well the boys behaved... enough to get comments from strangers! positive ones!

good luck with the swim lessons. i agree with Sage, lovely for Grandmom to line those up.

enjoy the cosmos. :)