Wednesday, July 05, 2006

School Placement Needs

Facilitated interactions with typically-developing peers
Opportunities to integrate/mainstream daily with typically-developing peers (currently approximately 30% of day is mainstreamed with support).
Multiple opportunities to expressively communicate throughout school day using Alex’s chosen method of communication – PECS, sign, use of assistive technology and/or verbal communication. (not just at snack time).
Meaningful access to the general education curriculum based on 2nd grade State standards.
Structured environment
Visual supports used consistently throughout day for enhanced receptive language and greater independence.
Safe environment without dangers.
Positive behavior management.
Professional identified as Team leader with capacity to convene and communicate with entire team of professionals (OT, SLP, behavioral consultant, APE specialist, school psychologist, family, etc.)
1:1 ratio to ensure follow through throughout day.
Teacher capable of ensuring appropriate sensory diet throughout day.
Coordination with home program team to ensure generalization across settings.

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