Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ok, so back to happiness. Like this morning. B woke up really happy. He lost a wiggly tooth, and I think he was pleased with this. Also, the bedroom furniture was rearranged, and he saw a great jumping opportunity. Only thing is, he needed me to move so he wouldn't land on top of me. I'm not sure if he was being considerate of me and didn't want me to get hurt if he landed on me, or if he surmised that he'd be better off landing on the mattress than on mama (although these days, I'm probably even more squishy than the mattress). Anyway, he was just so purposeful with what he wanted, selecting a magazine from our bathroom collection to take back into bed with him after his early morning pee in the potty, arranging the covers the way he thought they should be, and later pouring himself a bowl of his current favorite cereal (peanut butter panda puffs). And happily munching away on them. Yeah. Happy. B was happy this morning. And that is a real blessing. He used to wake up crying (as T reminded me). Now he wakes up happy and purposeful and able to communicate enough and act enough to get what he wants. And he's happy. What a blessing.


Captain Blog said...

love this entry. I think I read it 5 times since you post it.

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