Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Roller skates

I've spent about 2 years (very intermittenly, of course) looking for a pair of roller skates for B, on his 1st grade teachers' recommendation (I guess they had a pair at school that he liked). I hadn't been able to find a pair in his size that were not inline and not pink (my criteria, not B's). Well I finally found them, and Teacher J was right! He loves them. Has been skating around the living room in them. Started to do tricks, like putting one on and jumping off the couch -- really cool. Or putting them both on and going down the one and only stair in our entire 700 sq ft house. He's really cute about it though, finding them whereever they are, putting them on himself, and just enjoying himself. So very nice to see him just enjoying himself.


Captain Blog said...

you know, here in town there is a rollerskating rink, and when I used to train there, I remember seeing a couple of programs for sp ed kids. One woman was training a few kids and adults for figure skating, another program I think was about hockey... I think. anyway, I'll be glad to go skating there with you! I LOVE SKATING!!

doubletrouble said...

Captain, you and B must be kindred spirits! We'd love to go skating with you! I've been afraid to take him to the rollerskating rink because I'm not sure I have enough balance to give him the support he needs. Let's make a date!