Wednesday, May 09, 2007

power of mind

I got an email yesterday, a powerpoint presentation on "The Secret: Law of Attraction" basically, what you think about, happens. If you think about good things, then good things will happen. If you htink about bad things, then bad things will happen. That our truest beliefs, our deepest thoughts, make things happen.

Do you think that's true?


Captain Blog said...

I don't know. I am always a bit suspicious of this kind of self-congratulatory philosophies. It is in the same line as Karma, where if you do good, good will be come to you, or God looking down to you and protecting you (but yet allow horrible injustice being perpetrated to others).
Does it mean that people deserves what life inflict upon them? I think I am a decent human being, and yet I had years (yes years!) of one crappy thing after the other.

For instance: did I "deserve" to go through having my mother with breast cancer and not being able to go back home? did she "deserved" it? did either of us tarnish our lives with unhappy thoughts and as result she had to have a mastectomy, and me being far away with an unemployed husband?

Being happy-go-lucky make life more bearable, that's for sure, but I am not quite positive we are so firmly at the helm of our lives...

les compagnons du forficule said...

Hello doubletrouble,

There is the idea. We're chicken on a road, if the car is on the left we'll go right there to the left ...
Knowing that we are used to follow such automated-like patterns does not imply that we have to. And we deserve nothing either - that one for captain.


Mano said...


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